Marlene M., Louisville, KY

"Jim recently represented me in a personal injury matter. He was extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the law as it pertained to my particular case and was always professional in every sense of the word. My case was resolved for a handsome amount. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone looking for an attorney to represent them fairly and honestly and more importantly, for a positive result." Marlene M.

Brigette W., Oldham Couty, KY

"Jim Ballinger is not only an exceptional attorney, but he is a good person. From my experience over the past year working with him on my case, I have been very grateful that I was led to him by another trusted attorney friend. Not only is Jim a feisty attorney and willing to fight for me, but he is honest and does not "candy coat" situations. His honesty and good moral values also shine through the fact that he does not charge for every phone call between clients and himself. This is huge as that can add up very"

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